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      One of my early challenges was finding a way to manage the tasks to my internal staff as well as my virtual paralegals and law clerks. Recently, I came across a product called base camp which provides an extranet service. The purpose of base camp appears to be focused on software development. However, it is easily customized to meet to my case management needs. Base camp has an option which allows for encryption. Thus part of the product is that it allows each client with an internet connection to see exactly what the benchmarks are in the case, what the budget is in the case, the tasks assigned and the goals which are sought to be achieved. Yes, even an independent practitioner such as myself can have an extranet in today’s technology world.


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You might also want to check out RoboHead at, it's a secure web-based project management tool.

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I looked into robohead, and it is literally 10x more expensive. It looks like it does more, but my needs are pretty straight forward at this point.

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I’m an editor for Law Office Computing magazine and I’m looking for submissions for our “Ask & Answered” column for our upcoming issue in which we are asking attorneys to share their methods and recommendations in the area of case management practices. Please consider the following question:

“Have you used any alternatives to a case management system and was it still as quick and efficient?”

If you have any feedback (or know of anyone who could provide some quick feedback) I’d like to consider your response for publication in our upcoming issue. A few paragraphs would be sufficient. Please respond to me as soon as possible, off-list at:

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