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I got into blogging because one of my friends law firms put about $50,000 dollars into a top end auto negligence website which started beating mine in the rankings. Using typepad, I launched a blawg concerning no fault insurance and quickly jumped him in the Google rankings by a long shot. We had a good laugh one day when he found out I was only paying $13.00 a month for my site. As I extended my blawg into other niche areas and tied them together I suffered a pretty significant drop off in Google traffic, interestingly my Yahoo and MSN traffic went up considerably. But, we all know that Google is king of the hill and that is what we all shoot for.

            I learned the other day that having identical content on multiple pages can hurt you in the Google algorithm. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it might explain how it is that my website traffic from Google has gone down. Clearly, my site has been penalized.

            In typepad, you can assign multiple categories to a particular post. On my commercial site for my law firm, I created a bunch of keyword categories that were very similar and targeted specific key words. That meant that because my blawg was being archived by category as well as by perma-link, I was essentially creating three to six identical posts across my website.

            I wonder if this explains the penalty my site most certainly received under the Google algorithm.



"I learned the other day that having identical content on multiple pages can hurt you in the Google algorithm. I don’t know if this is true or not"

Very, very true. Google is very open about it.

You can also suffer a diminishment in rankings if you add content which a search engine feels is unrelated to its original content, resulting in a change of the website's "theme" - that is more likely to happen, though, if you are adding non-legal content than if you are adding more legal content. (e.g., you have a site on no fault law, add some pages on bird watching and your new car, and you can confuse the search engines as to what your site is about and suffer an across-the-board drop in SERPs ("search engine results page") rankings. Add content on bankruptcy law and that is much less likely.)

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