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      When I started this firm, I said that I wanted to build it on the foundation of rational behavior. Rational behavior does not ignore reality. Rational behavior takes an honest look at what is happening around you and uses the power of intellect to make smart decisions. That is what I try to do for my clients. Sometimes I do it better for them than I do it for me.

      It is Saturday and I am out jogging on the gorgeous wooded trails behind my office. Fall is here. Leaves trickle down from the windy sky and flicker in the brisk wind. It is sixty-three degrees, with blue skies and sunshine.

      This is the first day that I have been jogging this week. That is not very rational at all. I can rationalize my inability to jog during the week by suggesting that I am just too busy. But if I take an honest look back at the week, I see hours of lost time, inefficient time or low value time spent on low value items. From a rational standpoint, my health and my focus are both tied directly to getting exercise and eating right yet those are things that I have not been doing well lately. As I sit here in the wind in the brown grass along the trail, I know that I must become much more honest about who and where I am in life. It is time to take the next step forward and become a better person than I ever have then. Better for my clients. Better for my staff. Better for my wife. Better for my kids. But most importantly, better for me.

      I don't know what is worse, sliding backwards or standing still. I almost think that staying the same place is a bigger waste. We are all creatures of habits. We must break habits in order to get to the next level. We must build habits in order to get to the next level.

      I think I will spend the next month breaking bad habits and creating new good ones. It is time to challenge myself to take one step further forward in reaching my true potential.



We are on a similar journey...I will be cheering you on from the Emerald City.


Great post.

I hear you loud and clear. This post smacks eerily close to me and my time in this new solo firm I started.

I support you in your recommitment.

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