Why Lawyers Don’t Talk about Budgets with their Clients
What technology do I use the most?

Blawg Thinking

      With BlawgThink in Chicago right around the corner, I am once again wondering about such issues as the importance of blogs. There is no question that blogs are growing in both number and importance. However, if I had to name five other local attorneys who read blogs, let alone had an RSS feeder on their computer, I could not name any. Many lawyers I speak to do not really know what blogs are and have very little experience with them.
      This makes BlawgThink even more important for me. Again, I have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a movement and a new technology. Instead of playing catch-up, I have yet another opportunity to take the lead. Knowing what my blog can do in the search engine world, I currently have a huge advantage in obtaining leads for my law firm. In order to maintain that advantage, I need to be two steps ahead of the people behind me and ten steps ahead of those who start adopting this technology in the next six months.


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