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Removing the Hourly Handcuffs

As I ease into the fall season of my first year as an independent practitioner I am struck by how different legal practice is now compared to a year ago at a traditional hourly billing firm. The work is still hard and challenging. However a lot of the extraneous pressure and distractions are simply not part of my day anymore. I really do find myself focused in on the quality of my work product and my relationship with my clients. These were two areas for which there was no time in a firm where the focus was driven by hourly billing and forcing clients to pay their outstanding bills.

I cannot put into words exactly how this transformation has occurred. Nor can I put into words how different it really feels to have the hourly handcuffs removed



Off topic but of interest: Someone has started a business whereby they provide "virtual clerks" to lawyers on a per-project basis. (I have no tied to the business, but I thought you might find it interesting.) Here's the site: http://www.jurisclerks.com/

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