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What technology do I use the most?

      Sitting here this morning at my laptop cart, I tried to make myself aware of what technology I am using the most in my practice. I have to say that the most valuable piece of software that I have downloaded on my computer in these last twelve months has been Copernic Desktop Search which allows me to search emails, files, favorites and a variety of other digital files almost instantly. Instead of scrolling through my email inbox or filing structure to find particular document, I simply type in a search term which I know will pull that document up, and then sort by sender, from or date. Because we have standardized file naming conventions, I am able to effectively find .PDF files even when they are not OCR readable. You can download Copernic Desktop Search here. 


Grant Griffiths

Get a Mac and that would be built right in with Spotlight. Seriously, it is amazing how many items come out from Window's venders to make a windoze machine work like a Mac.

Rob Hyndman

Copernic has changed everything for me, but I've found it to be especially powerful when used in conjunction with OCR'd documents. I don't bother cleaning them up - I just drop pdfs into a watch folder and then file the Word files that are produced. The OCR is so accurate in the latest gen of software that that is all it takes. Puts Copernic on steroids ...

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