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Make that Twelve Inches of Snow

       I posted just a little while ago about the first snow of the year. I need to note that that was the first snow storm of the year dumping an initial twelve inches on our small tourist town. I have always loved changes of weather because... well... I have always loved change. I like it when the wind blows hard, I call it the winds of change. They remind me to challenge myself to change, to become better and not to stagnate. When the entire landscape outside your door changes from fall to a winter wonderland overnight, it reminds me that the fundamental rule of all things is change.

      We spend most of our lives fighting off change, trying to control as much around us as we can. When I turned thirty which is now eleven years ago I decided to embrace change. Instead of trying to control the world or otherwise impress my ego, I decided to let the world take the lead. I always analogize this to being in a river. I could pretend that I am stronger then the river and try to swim upstream or try to change the rivers direction. Or I could flow with the river, taking advantage of its power, energy and direction. Yet, I am not at the rivers mercy. I could swim from edge to edge. I could stop to take rests. I could go feet first, head first, on my back or face down. But, I don't delude myself about the relative powers between myself and the water flowing around me.

      As I head to work this morning, my goal is to get it, strap on my snowshoes and head out onto the trails. On a day where the world has recreated itself into something brand new, I would be swimming upstream if I ignored it or spent the day inside insulated from it. It is clear to me that today is a day to jump in; to immerse myself in the power of nature and the universe around me, tap into that power and learn from the messages and lessons which are there to be had for anyone who cares to look.


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