Make that Twelve Inches of Snow
Why Don't Law Firms Treat Customers Like Vegas Resorts Treat Customers?

My Santa Wish-List

      It is November 16, 2005. The first snow flakes are falling from the sky. The outside temperature reads thirty-two degrees from the inside of my car. Breakfast with Santa is scheduled for this saturday. Here is the Christmas list that I am going to put out:

  1. Inspiration, creativity and motivation to take my ten month old firm to the next level as we set out to change the way law is practiced.
  2. Inspired workers to help me turn the legal world upside down and cuase other attornies, clients and the world in general to rethink what it means to be a good lawyer.
  3. A solid client base of good people who understand what we are trying to achieve and support our efforts.
  4. Lots and lots of fun technology to bring efficiency and focus to our daily practice.
  5. Time and motivation to strap on my snow shoes and head into the back trails behind my office once winter really sets in.
  6. Intelligence and rational thought to supprt my decisions on my own behalf, as well as on the behalf of my clients.



i love you?

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