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      As I snowshoe down the paths behind my office in what is now a winter wonderland of snow filled trees, gray sky and the quietness of gently falling snow, I find myself with a smile emblazoned upon my face. Why is that?

      My eldest son who is seven came out to help me shovel my car out this morning and was just alive with pleasure at the snow.  His excitement about being able to shovel and of course the snow day which will keep him home, was tangible. He was brimming with energy and excitement and amazement.

      Almost everyone approaches this first winter snow with wonder and excitement. The magic that brings the winter season to bear touches most everyone in a positive way. But then it occurred to me that come February people will groan when they look outside their windows in the morning and see twelve fresh inches of snow on their car. Which emotion is real? Which emotion is valid?

      One of the great things about starting my independent practice was the newness of it all. The excitement and wonder of jumping off the cliff and landing on my own two feet was beyond description. Just like the first winter snow, the energy of it all carries you down stream and it all feels positive.

      I am more and more convinced each day that life is purely what we make of it. We make our decisions as to how we view things, bad or good, positive or negative. We make decisions as to how we deal with people. We decide whether we are going to be antagonistic, grouchy, pessimistic or negative. Or, we take a conscious decision to take the opposite approach.

      I have concluded that neither the first day of winter with all its joyous emotional excitement, nor the last day of February with its down-trodden sigh is real. The only thing that is real is the decision that we make about how to approach each day, each person and our own lives. As we drift downstream on the current of the universe we must always be mindful that the one thing that we do control is our own attitude about the events around us. Yet, isn't that the most powerful and wonderful energy in the whole of the universe?


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