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Opinionistas Outs BigLaw

There is a great blog out there called Opinionistas.  Who is Opinionistas?  No one knows for sure.  He/She is anonymous (like me!).  But it is a great look inside BigLaw bullshit.  He/she was recently written about in a  New York Times article. And what a great example of the benefits of being anonymous.  She/he can expose the bullshit from within, without getting fired (at least for now) . Here are some highlights:

  • Crossing the Line - a post about the kiss ass associates and those who refuse to suck up.
  • The Partner Mystique - a post about the fallacy of making partner at BigLaw.
  • Media Love - all the links from the traditional media referring to her/his blog.
  • Once in a Lifetime - a post about .. well, how the hell did we end up being lawyers?

If more BigLaw lawyers came out of the closet and posted about the realities of BigLaw life, many more top law students would realize what many of us top law students took a while to figure out...  BigLaw life is not all it is cracked up to be.  Consider the alternatives before you jump at the big pay check.  You might do better taking a little less now, and making a lot more and having a much better life along the way.


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