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Why Don't Law Firms Treat Customers Like Vegas Resorts Treat Customers?

     I was watching public television last night and they were doing a series on Las Vegas. Effectively they were running through the history of Vegas from its inception until present. One of the segments involved a training session of employees where the instructor was advising the employees about customer service. She was evangelizing to the workers that they were there to serve the guests, to make the guests feel at home, to get the guests everything that they could ever hope or dream of receiving in terms of service and generally how to maintain this positive and high spirited "can do" approach in dealing with guests. I thought it was interesting because I thought it really captured the essence of what law firms really are not. So much of the time, we dread client phone calls and take pains to avoid a client contact. In Vegas, workers constantly engage the customer trying to find out how they want their eggs cooked and any other special needs they may have. They basically were taking the hospitality attitude to a whole new level.

       In law, we do not take a hospitality approach to our customers. I wonder what would happen if we did?


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