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A Major Thumbs Up for incorporating an outsourced Base Camp Extra-net in your law firm

    I am starting to aggressively use my extra-net. I started by using it to manage projects, tasks and workers. I am now inviting clients into the extra-net so they can see exactly what is being done, by whom it is being done and why it is being done. As an added no extra charge bonus, the base camp software offers a wiki as an independent application.   I use the wiki to document the clients goals, the problems with the case and, more important that any single other element the expected budget for the project. Instead of having random discussions with clients about where we are in the case and what to expect in future, including on the issue of fees, I try to invite clients in or speak with them over the phone while looking at the extra-net at the same time. This constant reminder of what we are doing, why we are doing it, what expectations are sought and what the budget is gives my firm and my clients its best opportunity to be on the same page. For one hundred dollars a month, I can create unlimited projects fully encrypted over the Internet through base camp. If that isn't the deal of the century, I don't know what is.


Rob Hyndman

Curious - are you using it to host documents?

John L. Davidson

do you permit clients access to you time records part of the APP?


Rob: I have not tried to use the host document feature. I have a VPN appliance that allows me to grant access on a file by file basis. But I have been eyeing the feature since it would allow me to link documents with specific issues.

John: No access to time records since I use Amicus Attorney, although I would not necessarily object to that if it were possible.

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