Being Independant Makes You Dependant
Lawyers And Clients Shouldn't Be Like Kids And Parents

Case Manager Starts January 2nd

      As you may recall, I have hired an ex-in-house counsel for a large corporation, as an independent contractor. He has been a client of mine for some time in matters concerning a small business which he owns. He has been very enthusiastic about our business model and the way that we are approaching the practice of law.

      His role in the firm will be to manage tasks for other virtual workers as well as to keep litigation matters on track towards conclusion. I look forward to him joining our crew and will certainly let you know how it goes.

      Of course, the key to this particular brand of virtual worker is the same as with my other virtual workers. They only work if there is work that needs to be done. They work within defined budgets. They work on defined documented tasks. There is no inefficiency in the process. Clients get great value for each legal dollar spent.


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