Lawyers And Clients Shouldn't Be Like Kids And Parents
More Information On Developing Real Relationships With Your Clients

Getting Clients To Rethink Their Views On Lawyers

There is a great blog called "What About Clients?" this blog asked the question "True Service--are we lawyers delivering?". The What About Clients? blog delivers severel great rules about improving client service.

The first rule (here), which is really my favorite, is "represent only clients you like." The author indicates that you can't deliver true service to a client, unless you like your client. I have to say that I agree with this 100%. If your client is a jerk, human nature will cause you to aviod that client. Human nature will cause you to dred the return phone call. Human nature will cause you to funnel that person to voicemail. Human nature will preclude you from wanting to go that extra mile for that client.

His fourth rule (here) is that you must do more than under promise and over deliver. You must change the way people think about lawyers in general, in order to put clients in a position to appreciate the services you are providing. This a great post on getting clients to rethink the way they think of you as a lawyer.


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