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More Information On Developing Real Relationships With Your Clients

Mr. Patrick McEvoy, President of RainMaker Best Practices, at the Rain Maker Best Practices website, had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Maister in connection with his new article "Do You Really Want Relationships?" I have posted about his article and other blogs that discuss it previously (here). The interview is available (here) online (simply provide your email address in order to log in) and includes a discussion of the following issues:

1. The "give to get" attitude in professional services and why you need to develop it.

2. Why you must learn how people (i.e. your clients) "actually" think and function.

3. Learning how to apply the lessons of romance, dating and marriage to your practice development efforts.

4. Discover the difference between an expert and an advisor and when to apply these differences.

5. Why you should deal with clients that "reciprocate."

6. The difference between transactions and relationships.

7. Learn what your marketing "should really" be about.

8. How to start thinking like a "buyer" when you're selling.

9. Why you must "demonstrate" NOT simply "tell."

10. The most important thing that will determine the quality


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