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There has been some discussion on the internet about the appropriateness of self interest in blogging.  All bloggers are clearly marketing at some either subtle or overt level in order to achieve something for themselves. That something may be more traffic on their blog, notoriety, acceptance as an authority in a particular area of interest or to sign up customers for their business.

The blogosphere sometimes, but not always, encourages and freely accepts comments and linkbacks from other bloggers who may have a “Horse in the Race.” It is my belief that self-interested commenting is not only acceptable but desirable as we cross link resources across the blogosphere.  As you all know, I am certainly in favor of more comments being posted and have advocated that bloggers should spend more time posting comments, even if they have to spend less time creating posts on their own blog.

      What do you think? Where is the line between link spam and legitimate comments?


Dan Hull

A great question. I've thought about this a lot lately. You can't be blogging unless you (1) like/love to write and (2) really believe and are passionate about the theme or themes in your blog. Self-interest in the form of new business or general self-promotion is third.

So if my law firm gets business--by the way, we are having a special one-time only New Year's sale, extended through January 2, on class action defense litigation, new trademark work and Clean Water Act permitting--from my activity, fine.

But--and seriously--that can't be the main event.


Dan. Amen to that. This blog has not commercial value since it is anonymous. But my self-interest in being part of the change I see coming like a freight train is huge. My self-interest to say I was there (just like Woodstock I suppose) when it all started drives me to post. Self-interest is not a dirty word. It is the purest form of capitalism and market driven incentive.

The blogosphere is still coming to terms with where self-interest fits in the equation. I have had comments from back from comments I have left on other blogs which really amounted to "too much self-interest." I always laugh when I get these. It is often the pot calling the kettle black.

Dan Hull

Amen yourself. And self-interest--no matter what your politics or regulatory mindset are--is just real life. Indulging it is what humans do. Anyway, you got moxie, my friend.

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