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The Stupidest American Lawyer

I am sitting back in my office for the first time in a week.  Last Thursday, Friday, I started dragging after lunch.  I just was loosing energy.  By Saturday morning I had a temperature.  By Sunday, I could not get the temp below 103 degrees even with Tylenol.  On Monday, my temp wavered around 102.5  most of the day and then eased down around 100 by nightfall.  I thought I was over the hump.  On Tuesday morning, my temp was down and I started thinking I had kicked 'wahtever it was.'  Whoops, back into high temps again by afternoon.  I decided to go to urgent care.

Turns out I had pneumonia.  Here it is Friday and I have stopped in the office to do a few things.  I can still hear my lungs gurgle when I cough and it will be a few more days before I get back in the swing of  things.

I apologize for disappearing.  But of all  my sins this last week, waiting 5 days before going to see a doctor clearly makes me The Stupidest American Lawyer.


Carolyn Elefant

Please do not go back to work until your pneumonia is under control. When my second daughter was three months old, I also contracted pneumonia, a combination of her erratic sleep schedule and me over working myself. I was fortunate in that I didn't really have any symptoms leading up to the pneumonia, it just hit me straight on in the grocery store (I was doing the shopping around midnight), when I started shaking uncontrollably and then became hot and feverish. So I was forced to go to the doctor the next day where he prescribed the wrong antibiotic.
Pneumonia is very very serious and even in today's civilized times, people die from it when they don't take care of themselves. You are better off missing a week now than what you will miss if you have to be hospitalized.

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