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Blogosphere Gives Birth To The GAL

My first post ever is found here. But don't bother clicking the link except if you doubt my truthfulness.  I have reproduced the first post  of the Greatest American Lawyer in full, below:

[once upon a time]

The Greatest American Lawyer Goes Live!

My family has decided to quit our cushy hourly law firm job in a very medium sized town and strike out on our own.   We have a $70k line of credit at the bank on our house.  We have some credit cards with some hefty credit available on them.  We are betting the farm, literally. With tree kids ages 6, 4 and 2, we have decided it is more important to live life on our own terms, by our own sweat and  principles rather than protect the roof over our head. Our small family is walking away from a $150k income [which is a lot where we live] for the feel of the breeze in my hair and a goal to change the way law is practiced.

Welcome to the show! Don't wish me luck.  I'd rather have someone pick up the mail from the post-office for me in the morning, one of the many luxuries I leave behind [along with the work-out facility, firm Cadillac and end of the day scotches in the big boss' office] in my old life as a in-name-only partner at a firm run by one man [who I shall call "Big Boss"].

You think my posts are a trip this year.  You need to read some of the early posts.  Man, I was on fire. (I was also on target.).  Wait till you see some of the posts I will re-publish. Reviewing them was a shock to me, and my fingers were the ones punching the letters on the keyboard.

Perhaps now would be a good time for all of us to reflect on the humble and high risk beginnings of the Greatest American Lawyer.   I never stopped to read my prior posts b4.  I did so tonight with my wife, Nan.  They make me proud (and a bit reflective).  Looking back, I am struck by I have executed my initial thoughts with the precision and passion of anarchy. 

I only have one question.  If I did it, how come you can't do it 2? Jump Jump Jump.


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