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Commoditizing Legal Services

Bringing Legal Services To The Masses

It is Saturday and I am out running errands, shopping. Surrounding me I see Kohl's department store. I just got back from Gander Mountain. Down the way is Sam's Club, Meijer, and Target.

It strikes me that in the retail business, there has been a huge movement to push items which would have been otherwise limited to the upper and upper-middle classes downward. Designer knock-offs or even designer clothing are now available at Target to huge segments of the market, from people who make $30,000 a year on up.

Legal services are basically for the rich. Few middle class people could hire a lawyer and pay them by the hour to take a case all the way through trial. Thank God for the contingency fee arrangement or people who are injured or discriminated against would have no opportunity for any legal representation.

It gets me thinking though, if we reduce the overall costs of legal services by using a blend of technology and task based processes, can we in fact broaden our market to include those who would otherwise be excluded? And, if we are able to acheive that goal, won't we explode our market exponentially? Won't the number of people who are potential customers dramatically increase?


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