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Documenting Internal Process With MindManager Software

As we move towards a process based approach towards nearly everything I have found an incredible ally in technology. Part of the latest LexThink (BlawgThink) event was a couple of free downloads provided by Matt Homann over at the [non]billable hour (who organized the event). One software tool is a little gem called MindManager Pro 6. It is a software developed by a company called Mindjet. Mindjet provides software to organize information into visual maps which display relationships among pieces of information. It can be used for a variety of different things. I have used it for process management. Every topic can be broken down infinitely into sub-topics or elements.

It may take us most of the next twelve months to document all of the various processes that go on at our law firm from client intake to posting extranet projects to accepting tasks. But, we are committed to try and make that happen and MindManager is going to help us get there.

Thanks Matt Homann and BlawgThink for turning us on to this unbelievable product.


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