Is It Time To Re-Think Law Firm Staffing?
Showing is More Powerful Than Telling

I Have Become the Conductor of our Law Firm Orchestra

You might recall I previously posted (here) about my attempts to become more of a coach and quarterback. I am happy to report that our firms extranet and the variety of workers we have performing specific tasks has allowed me to get out of the trenches and become more of a conductor of our law office symphony. In short, our law firm model takes advantage of my strategic and delegation skills. We are also accomplishing important things on behalf of the client, not the least of which is pushing tasks down to the lowest competent billing level.

Without virtual workers and the extranet system, it would be virtually impossible for me to effectively make sure that the music we are playing as a law firm is in sync, and in harmony. I truly believe that we are providing a superior product, in a more timely fashion on a more cost effective level.


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