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Integrating Skype Into Our Virtual Worker Model

We've got a lot of tools in place to pass information between our lawyers, our virtual workers, our staff and our clients.  We are adding Skype to our arsenal of technology weapons in order to improve the oral communications between team members.  If anyone has any direct experience with Skype, or knows of any concerns or limitations, please let us know.  We'll let you know how our implementation of Skype goes. 


Rosanna Tussey

Skype has been a phenomenal tool for my business. My clients use it frequently throughout the day to touch base with me. It has a great feature that supports a webcam, which really has come in handy. Being able to actively participate in the conversation via both audio and video has been a great advantage.

There is no charge for the software and it is free to "Skype" other Skype members. They also offer very low rates for long distance calls both in the US and overseas if you are calling a landline through the Skype application.

My experience is that Skype has certainly been a quality product that I can't imagine doing business without- and once again, it's free.

Rosanna Tussey
Virtual Assistant and Paralegal
SKYPE ID: RosannaTussey

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