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Showing is More Powerful Than Telling

It’s Friday, midday, and I’m just packing up the family to head down the road about 45 minutes to a ski resort for our statewide Trial Lawyers Association Seminar in the snow.  I’m speaking on the now infamous “paperless office” topic.  As I was preparing my presentation, I realized that PowerPoint just wasn’t going to cut it.  I figured it was probably best to just show them a paperless office in action.  By actually demonstrating the paperless office as opposed to merely talking about it, I think I’ll reach a lot more people.  One thing I realized as I made my preparations is that the most important issue is not whether you can be a paperless office.  The most important issue isn’t whether or not you can afford to be a paperless office.  The reality is that paperless is here already.  Or at least the digital law office is here emphatically.


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