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Second Audio Blog of GAL's Vacation

1st Audio Blog Vacation Journal

This is the first audio blog from GAL's Hut Trip to the back country of Colorado.

GAL went to Boulder CO.  While his family flayed at the ritzy St. Julian Hotel, GAL and his buds went on a back-country hut trip up to Janet's Cabin, just above Copper Mountain.

As you can see, I am always ready to take risks.  The last hut trip was 11 miles into the mountain and 2,300 vertical feet.  We did one night of winter camping in the mountain.  While tending to blisters the next morning, I got frostbite in my big toe.  I still don't have any sensation in that toe today.

Janet's Cabin was an easier journey.  6 miles and 1,000 vertical feet with 50 lbs packs on our backs.  But there is always danger in the mountains.  I love danger!


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