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A commentator by the name of "bztv" over at the News Views blog posted the following comment. He/She writes that they use to write for L.A. Law and wished that they had this blog back then. I take it from the comment that my firm, or at least the story of how I got here, would have been as unbelievable a sensationalistic as the L.A. Law soap operas which  I as well use to enjoy.


Bryce Zabel

At the risk of outing myself... I'm not anonymous. My name's Bryce Zabel and if you click my link it'll take you to my TypePad "About" page where you can probably learn more than you want to know about me. Worked on law shows like LA LAW, EQUAL JUSTICE, etc., and used to be the chairman of the TV Academy (the guy who had to cancel the Emmy awards after 9/11).


Yikes: I've always said my life was stranger than fiction. This proves it. Only in the blogosphere would someone of the stature of Bryce Zabel and I cross paths. Welcome to our blog! (I say "our blog" since lots of people make this blog possible; katy, al, nick and yes even jenny, my most faithful reader).

In the spirit of going with the flow of the universe, we will celebrate the realization that "you never know who might be reading your blog" with a few of the most memorable things that have happened to me since I went insane on my 30th birthday ... when i looked in the mirror and could find nothing in it. 12 years later, i sit here an author of sorts, and having never even told my story. I have never been one to think about the past or dwell on memories. But it would be a shame if my story was never told. There are so many lessons there and even i need to be reminded of those lessons as i skip and play on the playground of capitalism. it is time to dwell on the past. it is time to remember the foundation of my life. the moment is no longer the lesson. the moment is distractions from the moment, at least at the moment. it is time to remember the lessons and realize once again what a long strange trip it has been.

hold on tight. over the next few weeks, i will tap brain to recall some of the more prolific moments of my strange dream that has been my life since my birthday night, May 14, 1994. Thanks for the inspiration Bryce. Perhaps it is even time to remind myself of my roots ... And I look forward to hearing whether you believe that any of it could really be true when my tale is told.

did I tell about the time I represented gay owned and operated marketing company that too on the largest long distance reseller in the United States and put them into bankruptcy, working out of the trunk of my car and living in the woods? (looks like I am coming out as well ...) ..

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