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You've Got To Move-It Move-It

At this point, their is little question in my own mind that we are doing things a lot differently here at our law firm than at many other firms. I do not know what the statistics are but I would imagine that most of the industry is made up of traditional hourly billing firms. However, this post wants to acknowledge that there are an awful lot of law firms out there which are in fact doing it differently.

Our firm has a blog which puts a lot of information in motion related to the ways in which we innovate as a legal business. But, there are lots of other firms out there which are not as visible, which I clearly believe are innovators in the market space.

The presence of blogs makes it more likely that firms will start experimenting across a variety of business models. This is great news for clients and attorneys alike. Attorneys who innovate typically have a lot more fun practicing law. They are able to tinker with the business side of the practice and try new and exciting things.


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