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Telling a Staff Person or Associate to "Handle This" Is Asking For Trouble.

Are Medium and Large Law Firms in a Better Position to Take on New Clients?

Independent practitioners (solo practitioners) are at a disadvantage when it comes to demand for services. A busy independent practitioner is in a difficult position when a new client comes through the door, especially if that client brings a matter, which will be work intensive. Multi-member law firms have an easier time juggling staff and attorney resources to handle a significant influx in workflow. Of course, if a ten person law firm is "choking on the fire hose"; they will be in a similar position having to juggle their current client needs with the needs of a new large project in the door.

After having used a virtual worker program successfully for the last year, I have to say that one of the greatest advantages is the flexibility to add staffing on the fly. For independent practitioners, this can be the difference between signing up a new client or sending the client on their way. It could also be the difference between being in a position to provide great client service to all your clients, or having to slight some In order to service others.

I would recommend a virtual worker program to any independent practitioner who struggles with obtaining the appropriate staffing levels. I would also recommend the program to any medium or large law firm that sees the advantages of a flexible workforce in order to deal with the inevitable fluctuating workload.


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