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Blawg Review # 52

Can You Categorize Your Dictation and Send It To Any Member Of Your Team or Client?

Some of the great things about digital dictation are the folder structure which can be created to help you categorize your dictation. We use Quickscribe for our digital dictation and it has worked wonderfully. We have file folders on our network for cases (which include correspondence, pleadings and all the traditionally typing which staff have to perform), extranet (which includes all of the dictation to add tasks, files and messages to the extranet system), people (where dictation which is directed at a particular person on the team is placed), time (where dictation of time entries goes). Digital dictation has many incredible benefits. The ability to dictate a single item and immediately route it to its proper category is extremely powerful. Recall that we have numerous people on our team who can, for instance, type pleadings and other case related dictation. The dictation goes into a particular folder. You can also categorize dictation by priority in terms of turn around time. Whoever is available to handle that dictation on a priority basis simply jumps in and does it.

We can not only route dictation to our network folders but, by email, directly to any team member. This beats leaving a voicemail in several regards. First, you don’t have to worry about the other person picking up the phone and wondering whether or not their taking notes about your instructions. Second, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the person who receives your voicemail is in the position to anything except listen to it (perhaps they’re driving in their care somewhere and don’t have a pen available). A person who gets your digital file by email can access it at their convenience. You know they’re sitting at their computer and they can re-listen to the message any time they need to.

Have you considered digital dictation?


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