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Greatest American Lawyer Exposed 18 year old high school drop out

Yes, it is true.  You may have seen it posted around the blogosphere already.  So before the tidal wave of controversy begins, I want to explain to you the reader why I did what I did. 

My name is Ryan Fielders from Dayton Ohio.  I am  18 years old and dropped out of West Carrollton High School last year.  I had always planned on being a lawyer but knew that was not going to happen.  I had a lot of time on my hands and knew that the blogosphere gave me  an opportunity to be one for real.  So I thought "What the heck?"  If people will listen to me, then why not pretend?  If I can make a difference without going to law school, then why not do it. I knew I had to be anonymous and keep my identity secret but that was the easy part in the wonderful world of the blogosphere.

A reporter asked me why I did it?  My parents were both lawyers so I understood the basics.  They were both innovative lawyers who were focused on changing the legal profession..  I also had first hand experience with the legal profession after my parents passed away.  I was involved in some rather ugly litigation through my teen years as my brothers and sisters fought over my parents estate after they passed away.  I saw all the problems with the legal system.  My parents estate was worth over $15 million.  An 14 year old boy came out of the woodwork when my parents passed claiming his share of the estate. 

Our fancy big law lawyers were impressive in stature.  But we never really understood what was going on.  They kept us in the dark and told us and our conservators and gaurdians what to do.  We paid over $1.3 million dollars in legal fees to attorneys who never cared about much of anything except billing  us time.  I have a stack of legal bills which is over three feet tall.  Needless to say, the outcome of the case was not much different than if there had been no litigation in the first place.  Our lawyers kept us in the dark about what they were doing and why they were doing it.  We might as well have given him that money up front and spared ourselves the aggravation.   Yes, it turned out his claim was legitimate and we ended up paying him more than we would have if our lawyers had given us good advice in the first place.

I am proud to have inspired so many lawyers this last year to 'think out of the box.'  The fact that it was all made up does not change the fact that there is a need to change the system.  Nor does it change the fact that more lawyers need to stand up and demand change. Yes, I am sorry to have deceived my readers but I have no regret for all the positive things that have come from this blog effort.  My parents woudl have beenproud.  GAL


Dr. Pho Nee

Good one, GAL. You had me for a moment, until I looked at the date of your post.

Greatest American Lawyer


Socrates is a dog

I always knew you were a phony, what type of lawyer spends his day trying to find ways to save his clients money. Knowone in their right mind would ever believe such a thing. I'm glad you have finally come clean with your readers. The last thing this profession needs is responsible billing and ethics. You make me sick I'm glad you have been exposed. I'm just glad you were outed before you could do anymore damage, we have associates in our firm whom our IT guys have caught reading your blog and you poisoning their minds with visions of controlling their own lives and actually spending time with their families. We bill the way we do and act the way we do because we can and rent for 3 floors in the middle of downtown is not cheap and do you know how much the maintence on 2 ex-wives and 3 ungrateful kids costs? I can sleep better (on my mink duvet) now that I know the likes of you will soon be gone.

P.S. If you tell one more law student that they can make just as much money working for themselves, while working equal or less hours than working for a big firm. I will hunt you down and sue you for some reason or another that will keep you tied up in litigation for a thousand years. For your information 2400 billable hours builds character.

Dr. Pho Nee

Did it occur to you, Cousin Vinnie, that perhaps Socrates isn't altogether serious?

But, then again, perhaps you aren't either.

Who is the fool here? Now I'm confused!

emesha millings

i would love to be alawyer

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