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Is Voicemail Really So Bad or Just A Better Way to Capture Information from Your Clients?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of all the articles being written concerning the downside of technology. In reading these articles, I have to agree that technology can be a huge distract and have a severely negative impact on your ability to focus on important tasks. I use my cell phone as my primary phone. Clients and other counsel know, when they need to call me, to use the cell number and if they need to contact someone in my office, to call the land line. Our internal staff, including our virtual workers, uses Skype to communicate amongst team members. Lately, I am letting more and more calls skip to voicemail when I am in the middle of a project. I have changed my voicemail message to let clients know that they need to provide detail information about their issue and allow me time to review their message and get back to them in an orderly fashion. I also encourage clients to use e-mail which can provide even more information for me to review and doesn’t have the negative stigma which being placed in voicemail may have to some clients.

Whether for good or bad, voicemail is becoming a far more integral part of our communications strategy. I believe that clients become even more accustomed and excepting of leaving a voicemail message as opposed to getting a live person on the other end of their call. Is it really so great when they simply get to talk to the receptionist or secretary and leave a message?


Grant Griffiths

I too use voicemail. I also use my cell phone as my main phone, call forwarding my land line to my cell 24/7. In my opinion, I see no problem with using voicemail. I inform my clients that if I am unavailable to leave a voicemail and I will get back to them as soon as I can.

In addition, not only do I encourage email communication between myself and my clients. I actually demand it. I tell them if they have a computer, internet and email, we will communicate that way. I find it easier to answer a quick email than to talk on the phone with a client. What I like best is that the client tends to get down to the root of their problem or situation faster with email. Enabling me to work on the problem or situation instead of a lengthy phone call. I also provide documents to clients via email. And best of all, clients like being able to receive documents faster via email.

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