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Virtual Law Clerks Work Well For Law Students

Is Your Business Model Hours or Results?

One of the unfortunate consequences of the hourly billing method is that, after decades of use, most law firms work on a business model, which has little depth beyond billing hours. The focus of the firm is making sure that lawyers bill a certain quota of hours per week. Often times, that is as deep as the rabbit hole goes.

A law firm can create a culture which talks about and focuses on delivering results to clients. That is always helpful. Firm culture can have a huge impact on how lawyers go about their day and bill their hours. However, I believe there is a better way to approach the practice of law. Every client is entitled to know not only what hours are being spent on a legal matter but also why those hours are spent and what value those hours are delivering. Every client is entitled to see for themselves what the strategy is and how the firm proposes to accomplish specific goals. How many firms provide that kind of information to their clients?


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