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Virtual Law Clerks Work Well For Law Students

The virtual law clerk program has worked very well for the students that have participated in it for a variety of reasons. First, they are able to work on flextime. Second, they are able to obtain experience in the niche practice in which they are interested. Third, they are able to make good money to help pay tuition and rent. Fourth, they have the option of working for firms outside the city in which they go to law school. Fifth, they have an opportunity to prove themselves to law firms without having convinced those firms to commit to a law clerk position. Seven, they do not ever have to wear a suit and tie in order to get the task done.

Now that technology makes virtual workers a realistic alternative, all of these advantages can be realized. As you know from my prior posts, there are advantages for the law firm as well as the law clerk. There is little, if any, downside to a virtual worker relationship which is properly implemented and managed. Has your firm considered virtual workers?



I understand points one through five and point seven, but point six somehow eludes me. ;-)

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six is by being virtual, you are invisible.. kind of like point six :-)

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