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Loving My Tablet PC

About six weeks ago, I ordered a Lenovo (IBM ThinkPad) Tablet PC. It took a couple of weeks for my staff to transition into my new computer, getting it set up with the appropriate software and connectivity options. But I’m now at the point where it has replaced my old laptop on my trusty laptop cart.

What do I think thus far? This computer rocks. I never appreciated the unexpected benefit of being able to turn your screen and lye it flat on the computer, converting the laptop into a tablet. The ability to carry a computer around like a notepad is truly transformational. Whether I am with a client or in court, I am no longer forced to sit behind a computer screen in order to use technology. The Lenovo is lighter and smaller than a normal laptop. There is no cd rom drive making it much thinner. The one-note notepad, which allows me to write directly on the computer screen and store notes in a single location, provides central information management. These benefits were fully realized at trial two weeks ago. I had all of my exhibits and depositions bookmarked in Adobe. I was flying around the courtroom with my laptop in hand, as I used my stylist to navigate between depositions and documents; I quickly realized that neither the witness nor the Judge could keep up with their paper copies. This gave me the ability to stay ahead of everyone and to read through the key materials while people flipped pages. I moved through my cross examination quickly in a completely focused strategic fashion. By the end of the testimony, the Plaintiff had recanted all of the prior testimony that supported their claims resulting in a directed verdict. By halfway through the examination, the witness was actually looking at my Lenovo as though it was alive and evil. She stopped disagreeing with me ‘because she knew my computer had all the right answers.



Great article. For the lawyers that match the hardware to the way they practice, it can be one of the greatest tools available to boost performance.

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