GAL Gets Sued.
The Importance Of Independence


The Greatest American Law Clerk needs perspective in order to be happy.  The grass is always greener on the other side, so they say.  However, if one has perspective (i.e. is educated, or even better, has experienced the other side) happiness is simply a choice.  The GALC must choose wisely because you can not become the Greatest American Lawyer if you are unhappy.

Seeing the GAL get sued has opened my eyes.  I want to care about my client and not about fees.  I want to work toward the goal of obtaining my client's wishes, not toward the goal of 2200 or more billable hours/year.  The GAL made a decision to care about his client and still must answer to a firm that, like so many, lives and dies by the billable hour and fees.  I sure hope that doing what is right for the client gets rewarded here.  Even more so, I hope that the attorneys are held accountable for their actions because I would hate to find out that behavior like this is condoned.  For if it is, what incentive is there for a new attorney to work toward becoming the Greatest American Lawyer?  Better yet, where can a GALC gain perspective if all around him is corrupt?  Fortunately, I am not overly worried because I have now truly seen both sides of the practice of law, up close and personal, and choose to side with the GAL.  Perspective has enabled me to see the other grass, but I am in the green grass and I am happy.  ~Brian


Rosanna Tussey

Well said, Brian. I am a firm believer that true success involves knowing at the end of the day that you've conducted yourself with professionalism and integrity. It looks like you are well on your way to becoming a GAL yourself.

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