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Seeing Yourself Through Your Law Clerks Eyes

My most longstanding virtual law clerk took a job with me as a summer law clerk. He’s been working here for the last three weeks. I remember the Monday morning he was to show up in the office. It occurred to me at about 6:30 am that I had never seen him before. For all I knew, he could have been a six foot four transvestite.

Turns out, he’s a normal looking guy with a strong business sense and an appreciation for the insanity that sometimes prevails in this environment.

Brian tells me that the experience thus far has been rewarding and that he feels he has gotten to do more than any of his compatriots working for the silk stocking firms. I look forward to hearing more from Brian, not only because it makes me feel like I’m on the right track. It also occurs to me that Brian is uncorrupted by this system, a law student in between a second and third year still completely naïve to the realities that is large law firm life (especially for an associate).

When Brian called me just before his first day of work, he asked me what the dress attire was. I told him if he wore a suit, he was fired. He probably thinks now that it was prophetic of exactly the way it was going to be.

One of the benefits of having a summer law clerk, or virtual law clerk for that matter, is being able to see your firm through the eyes of a soon to be new lawyer. He is one of the many benefits to hiring law clerks. We all have a duty to mentor.


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