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Sometimes Lawyers Shouldn’t Talk

Sound Familiar?

Jeremy Blachman's Anonymous Lawyer satirizes life at a large law firm in a major city from the perspective of a fictional hiring partner.  The website is funny and the blog is hillarious.  However, if I had to live the anonymous lawyer's life day-in and day-out, I do not think I would be laughing.  Is it time to change how law is practiced yet?



Obviously so. That guy is *way* too easy on his associates. ;-)

Compliments to Jeremy Blachman on his recruiting efforts on behalf of The Firm. In between my years as a solo practitioner, and helping lawyers to open, manage & grow their own small law firms, I spent a couple of years as a marketing consultant to some aspiring large firms with 20-100 lawyers. Behind closed doors, it's often the same self-delusional cult of personality depicted on The Anonymous Lawyer website which I took the liberty of forwarding to several of my former clients who didn't escape even when they saw the consultant head out the door!

Anyway, enough with the compliments as I am sensitive to the fact that a big head can be a dangerous thing for an associate in the narrow hallways between filing cabinets, and though I am sure The Anonymous Law Firm is an equal opportunity employer, no doubt that physical abnormality would be used against Mr. Blachman in determining his bonus or opportunity for career advancement.

So let me tell you instead about an opportunity to help you plan (and pay for) your escape

As you will see when you visit my website, I have helped hundreds and hundreds of lawyers open, manage and make alot of money for themselves in small law firms. And because I got tired of all the travel & wanted to be able to offer help to more lawyers than I could work with at my then-prevailing rates, I developed some great audio products a busy lawyer planning his/her escape can listen to while stuck in traffic. Of particular interest to the attorneys who found themselves trapped in an Anonymous Law Firm has been a program I created entitled How To Market A Small Law Firm. Not only will these materials empower you with the nurturing light & water so carefully denied any aspiring partner in a large firm, but who knows...if you become good enough at Making It Rain, you might even be able to liberate yourself from The Golden Rule in law firms!


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