Okay, So I’ve Been Hiding Out
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The Fattest American Lawyer

One of the interesting things that has occurred as a result of my new law firm start up is that I have gained weight. I’ve done okay at jogging, but not near as well as I did when I was jogging to and from work every day most days of the year. I know I can’t be a great lawyer if I am out of shape. I am not really sure why it is my eating habits have declined. I am sure it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am under more pressure as a new law firm.

But I’m not too dumb to realize that health is an important part of my success. Father’s Day was a bit of a wake up call. At age 42, I found myself worrying about my health in general. I realize that I won’t be there for my kids if I let the pressures of work increase my chances of, for instance, heart attack. All lawyers need to recommit to living a healthy lifestyle. I’ll let you know how my recommitment goes. Now that summer is here, it makes getting motivated a heck of a lot easier. Do you need to recommit to health?


Tommy Tommy

Time for a summer hut trip Enrico!

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