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Okay, So I’ve Been Hiding Out

Using Down Time on General Business Tasks

We have just settled a large number of litigation cases. Because litigation is so time intensive, we now have time to refocus on other important business matters. One of the difficulties of running any law firm is the fact that client time is not necessarily business time. When you get those opportunities to focus in on your business model, solidify relationships, do general marketing and refine internal processes, you really need to take advantage. I know that the plate will again be full all too soon. So we’ve taken this time to work on business issues. Instead of having team members looking for things to do, we have simply refocused them on all of the miscellaneous stuff that really makes a law firm great. This includes sending matter conclusion letters to clients whose cases we have resolved, sending exit interviews through Survey Monkey to the same group of folks, documenting our internal processes, refining processes that need improvement and the like.


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