The Fattest American Lawyer
Seeing Yourself Through Your Law Clerks Eyes

We All Need a Mentor

In order to have the opportunity to be the Greatest American Law Clerk (GALC), an attorney must be willing to give time, effort, advice, and guidance.  All lawyers do it differently.  Some get but don't give while some give but don't get in return.  Regardless, the GALC can not become the GAL without mentoring.  The Greatest American Lawyer knows this and understands that the firm, and ultimately the profession, will not succeed without this mentorship.  So why is such a lasting dynamic so difficult to find? 

A mentorship takes two dedicated individuals.  The GALC should undoubtedly be seeking a mentor.  The difficultly lies in finding a willing mentor.  The GAL is a mentor.  The GAL is always willing, able, and excited about the opportunity to help mold the next great legal mind.  The GAL continuously challenges the GALC by testing his abilities, improving his deficiencies, and rewarding his contributions.  The GAL simply treats the GALC the way he would have wanted to and always will want to be treated in the legal profession.  In return, the GALC is productive, innovative, and most importantly, loyal to his mentor.  The GALC is aware of how fortunate he is and never hesitates to say thank you because he knows that most attorneys do not have to, and choose not to, mentor.  The GAL is different though, and as a result, the GALC will be different.

So who should your mentor be, or conversely, who should you mentor?  Well, that answer is up to you.  Let the GALC assure you that you have to have been mentored and returned the favor to a new mentee to be the GAL.



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