Changing The Culture Of Law May Be Easier Than You Think
Two Questions To Practice By

The Greenest American Lawyer

What's the difference between the "Greenest" (as in the newest with little experience) American Lawyer and the Greatest American Lawyer?  When it comes to ethics, not much.  The Greenest American Lawyer is fresh out of law school, or still in law school, at the very least having taken a Professional Responsibility course and likely passed the MPRE (multi-state professional responsibility exam).  Despite being new, the "green" lawyer knows the rules, has read recent interpretations of the rules from ethics or court opinions, and has yet to see the rules repeatedly ignored in the legal community by the majority of lawyers.  Similarly, the GAL knows the rules, has seen them repeatedly ignored, but chooses to adhere to them and follow the interpretations set forth in the ethics and court opinions.  Thus, while the Greenest American Lawyer has yet to be tainted, the GAL refuses to become tainted.  Although I am a definitely in the category of the Greenest American Lawyer right now, I plan to avoid the tainting en route to becoming the GAL.  ~Brian


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