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When Lightning Strikes

You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened To Me On The Way To Summer Vacation…

Yeah, I know. It’s summertime. Nothing feels better than summer.

A lot has happened since summer began. There’s some things that I have not told you yet. We have had great success and then greatly challenged in a short period of time. We settled over $2 million worth of claims in the last two months. That’s great. We’ve learned that our law clerk, Brian, is going to fit in great here and is already planning to return after he graduates in spring 2007 to become the first Greatest American Partner. (Yes, Brian, I don’t believe in associates). But we have also been struck by lightning, lost databases which have yet to be converted to the new Unix Server (including accounting through QuickBooks and case management through Amicus Attorney). Through it, all the staff stepped up and demonstrated a tremendous ability to work around the technology pieces which were down. Isn’t that what it is all about? Isn’t the simple fact that technology doesn’t always work. Isn’t the difference between good workers and bad workers in today’s economy those who can get beyond the "Poor Me" mentality and simply find a solution to the problem at hand?

Over the next week or so, I will be posting all the different things we did in order to continue operations during the first 16 hours when the Internet was down, during the next 16 hours when the router was down and the next two weeks when the Nas Drive, with QuickBooks and Amicus Attorney, simply disappeared with the hard drives about 16 hours after the lightning strike.

Not only did we survive, we thrived. We used it as an opportunity to overhaul systems, bring in new vendors, transition to new software which had already been purchased…we turned a bolt of lightning into opportunity. And we did it all with ten weeks of vacation right in the middle for GAL.

Stay tuned…to learn how.


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