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Going to trial once again

It has been a helluva summer here at the firm. We had Brian as our first summer law clerk. He will likely be joining the firm next year as a full fledged attorney and partner. Business has been booming as both the internet and local client basis have exploded. My old law firm has sued me as previously posted here. I had a great vacation with my college friends on the beaches of Lake Michigan. My wife and children spent the summer at the Homestead Resort playing on the beach and the waves. While several trials went away, I have one that starts next Tuesday which should be challenging and rewarding. I love my clients. They are great people. I like the case because it is extremely difficult. The claim involves a single count of innocent misrepresentation. There is no question that my client made a representation which turned out to be false. They didn’t know it was false. The only issues left are whether the Plaintiff relied on the statements in doing the deal and if they can prove any damages as a result. Like many cases, this one will come down to whether the jury likes the plaintiffs or my clients better. If the judge lets the innocent misrepresentation claim go to a jury, we certainly will have difficulty on the law.


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