Going to trial once again
Blogging About Trial

There’s something about… trial.

In all of the law there is something truly unique about going to trial. Trial demands all of your attention. It is an art form in many ways. There are so many types of trial lawyers out there with so many different styles. So many styles are effective. The most important thing for any trial lawyer to learn is that they have to develop their own style. You see little tricks that other attorneys play. Do you mimic them? As tempting as it is to mimic success, every trial lawyer eventually learns that you must have utmost confidence in your own style and the result. You must play within yourself. The moment you react to something that the other side does, you will have lost something important.

Every trial lawyer has moments of great success in front of the jury. The greatest of lawyers understand that the battle is never lost until the verdict comes in. More importantly, it is never won until the verdict comes in. The greatest trial moments can be lost in a single moment in front of a jury. Protecting your gains is perhaps the hardest and most important thing to achieve a verdict.


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