Saved By Yoga
Lightning Bolt Energizes Tech Team

Saved By Kiteboarding

Saved By Kiteboarding

One of the great things about being an independent practitioner is that you don’t answer to partners. I’m able to barter out services for things that interest me. For instance, I’m doing trademark work for the local Kiteboarding operation. I took a Kiteboarding camp two weekends ago. It was my second camp. I bought all the gear. I have committed myself to learning to kiteboard.

Every lawyer needs to feed their non-legal desires. It’s too hard of a life to simply practice law day in and day out. For me, Kiteboarding has been a dream for a long time. I grew up sailing and windsurfing. It is a natural progression. At age 42, I know I am pushing myself, which feels great.

If you are a lawyer who has not "fed your senses" by engaging in an activity which compels you, you must do so. Your very survival may depend on it. The law can eat you up and spit you out. A work life balance is imperative


After a long day of helping people with their problems, many of which are confidential and/or too complicated to explain to friends & family why I feel so charged-up and at the same time, exhausted it's nice to be able just point to something tangible I have accomplished which speaks for itself. I have many lawyer friends who also enjoy expressing our creativity through the arts. The really cool thing is that the creative energy that goes into a painting, a song, a sculpture, etc. is the same type of energy that goes into a brilliant legal or these days, law firm marketing strategy.

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