Dan Hull Over at the What About Clients? Blog has a Great Post on Maintaining Focus on Client Service in Your Law Firm.
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Are Your Kids Allowed at Work?

I had my wife and four year old son, Apollo, stop by the office the other day. My wife needed someone to look after Apollo for a couple of hours, and I had nothing on my calendar. Because I’m high-tech, I have extra computers which can access all the best internet games at nick.com and nickjr.com.   Apollo hung out with me for a couple of hours while I continued to get my work done.

The old saying "it’s the little things that matter" really applies to the life of an independent practitioner. Having my son stop by the office to hang out while I work was simply not a realistic option as a partner at my old law firm. As an independent practitioner owning my own law firm, it happens all the time. There’s nothing better than watching your son play computer games while you run around the office getting stuff done.

Can you bring your kids to the office?


Grant Griffiths

This is one of the huge advantages of working at home. I get to see my youngest child each day when he gets home from school. At least those days I am not in court. And even at age 13, I still like the idea I get to see him right after school.

And, as the GAL has stated in a previous post. Your children need to see you at work and know what you do.

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