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Getting Ready for Yoga

I’ve decided I have to take a little bit of a new tact with yoga. Usually, I arrive and I’m so wound that getting into a "focus on your breath" relaxation mode is be extremely difficult. So tonight, I started to get in the right frame of mind from the moment I step out of work. We’ll see if that helps settle my brain a little faster.

Speaking of trying to make our mind "still," did you ever notice that practicing law can sometimes have the opposite affect? If we lose our mental balance, we lose our ability to focus. It’s really that simple. A distracted mind is not one that will make solid, strategic decisions. I’ve now had my firm for over a year and a half. Things have been extremely successful, but I find myself more easily distracted as habits of distraction begin to increase and become habits of their own.

That’s why yoga feels so good. It’s my one opportunity all week to remember that life and the practice of law are merely illusions. It is not the outcome of our practice that’s most important; but how we practice. It is how we practice that defines us as who we are. As lawyers, as mentors to clients, and as family members.


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