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Kiteboarding in My Brain

The most amazing thing has been happening. I lay down in bed and I can picture the kite over my head flying high in the breeze. When you’re learning to kiteboard, the safest place for the kite is directly overhead; it’s where you start and where you, hopefully, finish with the kite. When you’re going to switch the direction, the kite goes back overhead.

There were times when I was kiting last weekend where I would have this tremendous ride all the way to the right. As I approached the shore, I would move the kite back directly overhead and fall back into the water, floating and watching my kite above my head. Now I find myself daydreaming about the kite above my head. I can’t begin to describe how proud I am of my achievement. My decision to learn to kite. My commitment to making it happen. My achievement and actually riding.

Would that day have been possible without the magic of digital dictation?


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