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All of the reasons that are often sited for choosing not to blog seem legitimate on their face. To those people who use those excuses, they are legitimate. Some of those reasons are in fact legitimate.

But for lots of people, blogging makes sense, and many of those people are not blogging. For people who want to invest in themselves, blogging offers the opportunity to say what you think. Not what your company thinks. Not what your profession thinks. Not what is politically correct to think. Good old fashion first amendment say what you think.

Some blogging isn’t for business. Some blogging is revolutionary on a more personal level. For the first time in history, the little guy can speak up and, through the power of his or her ideas, have an impact.

The internet era isn’t an era of privacy. If anything, it is an era where mankind gives up their privacy. The internet takes away our privacy rights by making us more exposed.

But one constitutional principal is purely enhanced by the internet. That principal is the first amendment. The right to say something you want to say.

So, blogging is not for everyone. It certainly isn’t for people who would rather be politically correct all the time and certainly not for people who marshall their words with such precision, fearful of other people’s opinions about their ideas. Blogging often isn’t for people who are really focused on preserving the status quo. Blogging is not for people who have nothing to advocate.

By the way, if you fall into this group of people who have a great excuse not to blog, you will soon be in the minority. It’s just a question of time. Look at the number of people using MySpace or Youtube Look at how many people are blogging, sharing their lives online. Remember that a blog started in many ways as an online journal. It was far more personal in nature. The concept of debating "blogging for business" has only come later in the game. There is a giant wave coming and building. The early adopters will be in a much better position to ride that wave.


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