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Debbie Weil over at Blogwriteforceo’s blog turned me on to this post from Eric Kintz over at the HP executive blog area.


Since I was outing a couple of HP Executives who are not blogging much, I was extremely pleased to see that Eric Kintz is not only putting a lot of content online, he’s putting great content online. Mr. Kintz is an example of the best that blogging has to offer.

The above post is the brainstorming outcome of a joint conversation between a variety of people in and outside of HP. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this great post:

· "We are living an age where boundaries are collapsing, definitions are changing and roles are combining. Blogging and PR need each other, belong with each other, even though they can sometimes appear to be working against each other."

· "The blogosphere has disrupted the economics of publishing, dramatically lowering the costs of content creation (most bloggers are not paid), content production (free blogging platforms) and circulation development (free links by other bloggers). This has allowed in turn a micro-segmentation of customer markets that was not economically viable in traditional publishing business models and the rise of new influencers, who are closer to those markets and are in the best position to appeal to their specific needs."

· "The utilization of blogs is critical, particularly in a growing world where social currency is more and more important. They are powerful communication and business tools which can connect with a variety of audiences for your brands/products/services. These audiences range from core customers to prospects to influencers to investors."

· "In terms of functionality, the primary differentiation between a blog and a standard site is the ability for the audience to comment and engage. Measuring that engagement on a classic ROI metric is nearly impossible, but some discussion is emerging on the proper ratio of postings to comments. Some bloggers attract more than 100 comments per post, but a ratio of three comments to every post seems healthy for a relatively new blog. That ratio is an excellent measure of engagement, one of the primary benefits held up by advocates of corporate blogging."


Eric Kintz

Sorry for commenting late, but I appreciate the compliment. Thanks!

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