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I Represented Michael Moore

As I was reflecting the other day (which is something I'm not prone much to do), it occurred to me that my little law firm sponsored the world premier of Borat right here in my hometown. I paid $1,500 to sponsor a film which Warner Brothers had not ever seen. They had a special section roped off for Michael and a group of Warner executives. Rumors were running wild in the back streets of Hollywood over this movie. In the form that we first saw it, the film was not yet rated. It was beyond R for sure, crossing the line well into X. The entire theater erupted in side-splitting laughter from the first moment the movie began for the first 40 minutes solid. It was unlike any other experience I have ever had in a theater.

My little independent practice was the sponsor of that film. We sat in the front row, right in the middle. Michael Moore stood 4 feet from us as he thanked my law firm for sponsoring the film. Larry Charles attended as well. He was dressed in a tunic-type dress suit with a full beard that ended in a point at least 12 inches below his chin. He looked like a Jewish Rabi.

And my little firm in the middle of nowhere sponsored that film.

How in the world could that have happened? And how did I end up on the phone with Michael Moore at all hours in the night working on contracts for the festival.

Perhaps the most important question that you all could ask yourself is whether something like that can happen if you are walking someone else's path.

It is hard for destiny to take you by the throat -- to fulfill your potential -- if you are not on your path. My path has led us in some incredible directions. The best reason to become an independent practitioner is because it makes you independent. It frees your mind, your body and soul to fully become -- you. The second best thing is knowing your children see you as a man fulfilling your potential and answering to no one at no value beyond your own.


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